ars [bene] moriendi

| name: Katarzyna |
| date of birth: 1995/12/19 |
| from: Poland |
| height: 165cm |
| weight: 45kg |
| religious views: Christian |
| nearly everything around me makes me think.
it inspires me to explore myself.
i enjoy drawing, painting, writing poems, stories, taking pictures..
i found big lovely Child inside me and i'm keeping in touch with it.
by drawing space, i try to show that world seen by my mind's eyes.
i realy hate people. (they are assholes and whores) but they are not erasable part of that space.. |
| fuck the system |

well. fuck you.

by junonefre
i really don’t know for what you are missing..

by junonefre

"nie wierzę w nic. bo chyba nie potrafię.. nie marzę już. nie mam o czym marzyć.. straciłem gdzieś. prawdziwą radość życia.. smutno mi.. już tylko Ciebie mam. i to mnie jakoś.. tutaj trzyma. już tylko Ciebie mam. nie wolno Ci.. odejść teraz stąd.."


made by junonefre
dont u be

by junonefre

by junonefre
by junonefre
love, love, love.. what is it good for? nothing.

by junonefre

by junonefre
shit. you’re blind.

by junonefre
mm..? ;3

by junonefre
oww ♥

by junonefre
by junonefre
Chesterfield red?

by junonefre